The following information outlines the main features of Smartsoft's robust Front Desk Practice Management System®:

If you wish to investigate these features further, please refer to the electronic manual on the demonstration CD.

When you install the trial version you may also learn more about the system by selecting the online help button from the toolbar or the 'Help' button found on most pop-up windows.

Appointment Book

The Appointment Book accommodates the management of patient appointments with the functionality of integrated billing. The appointment book has many features including an advanced patient waiting list and the sending of patient appointment reminders. A web appointment book viewable in a browser or PDA device and an online patient booking gateway (August 2012) is also available.

Waiting List

Integrated waiting list, allowing you to record a patient request for an appointment, when one is not immediately available. The user will automatically be notified when an appropriate appointment becomes available.

Patient File Management

Patient Files are used to store information regarding the patient. This includes contact information, billing details and transactions, appointments, clinical notes, referrers, records of communication, recalls, tracking categories, attachments and x-rays or photos.

Clinical Notes and Charts

Clinical Notes and Charts are used to document patient treatment and history records. Includes auto-completion to expand abbreviations into full sentences, clinical symbols, drawing tools, and custom category creation for easy record management.

Banking Sheets / Shift Reports

The Banking Sheets / Shift Reports generate documentation for end of day banking, transaction and summary reporting. Reporting periods can be pre-set as Clinic Shifts to ensure consistent reporting and ease of use.


The Transactions report displays all transactions (credits, debits) between two selected dates. This can preview transactions for the entire clinic or for an individual practitioner / practice group.

Statements / Invoices

Statements and Invoices generate batch printing of statements and invoices.

Cash Book

The Cash Book provides a means to keep track of out-going finances.

Billings Report

The Billings Report provides billing and/or payment information for each practitioner for a specified period of time.

Trend Analysis

The Trend Analysis provides a graphical method to view clinic billing trends.

Time Management Report

The Time Management Report provides information on the amount of time a practitioner is booked on the appointment book between two selected dates.

Treatment Plan Report

The Treatment Plan Report is available to help manage patient treatment plans. If a patient has a limited number of treatments or funds available, a treatment plan can be activated to notify the user once that limit has been reached. This is especially useful when an insurer or 3rd party biller is making payments on behalf of the patient.

Recall Patient List

The Recall Patient List report generates a list of patients whose recall dates fall within the specified period of time. The recall may refer to the making of an appointment or the returning of a borrowed item.

Active / Inactive Patients

The Active / Inactive Patients report generates a list of patients who have either been to the clinic within a specified period of time (Active) or who have not been to the clinic since a specified period of time (Inactive).

Birthday List

The Birthday List report generates a list of patients whose birthday falls between two selected dates.

Patient Referrals

The Patient Referrals report generates a list of patients or entities that have referred a patient within a specified period of time. The income generated by the referral is also detailed.

Patient List

The Patient List report generates a list of patients based on an extensive list of selection criteria. The results can be printed, previewed, exported, or used as part of a mail, email or SMS data merge.


The Practitioner file contains practitioner information including qualifications, provider numbers and system defaults.

Items Codes

Item Codes contain the billing items for your practice including descriptions, pricing, alternative HICAPS and Medicare codes and barcode details.

System Information

System Information contains information regarding the practice and default setup details for the system.


Front Desk® 2018 offers an easy to use built in backup with direct user access or through a supplied automated backup utility to help make the task of backing up your important data easier.

Bar Code Scanning

Front Desk® will integrate with a bar code scanner allowing automatic input. Typically this will be used to scan a product and automatically add the item during the receipting and billing process, saving time and improving accuracy when billing. It can also be used for stock take / stock arrivals.


BPAY functionality gives your patients the option of paying outstanding amounts via the internet or over the phone through a BPAY facility. Front Desk® automatically generates unique customer reference numbers with included check digits compliant with this process.

Patient - Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts per Patient option can be activated if patients require more than one account per patient card e.g. a private and Workcover account.

Medical Specialist Referrals

Medical Specialist Referrals option should be activated if your profession requires referrals from a medical practitioner or other health professional for your services to be paid. This option is generally reserved for medical specialists.

Additional Information

Additional Information can be activated if additional information such as Medicare numbers, health fund details, DVA numbers etc. needs to be recorded in the patient’s file.

Medicare and DVA Online Claiming Integration

  Medicare Australia & Department of Veterans Affairs
Fast and easy direct online processing of Medicare and DVA claims. This interface will allow you to lodge Medicare and DVA claims through a secure internet connection for less paper work, faster payment and greater patient satisfaction.


 HICAPS - Health Industry Claims and Payments Service
HICAPS integration allows for a more efficient patient billing process and improved reconciling of HICAPS payments from health funds. No more double keying of information into your practice management software and HICAPS terminal. Produce HICAPS reports by health funds to make reconciling payments easy!


Tyro Tyro integration allows your practice to easily process EFTPOS payments, Health Fund and Medicare Easyclaim claims through a Tyro terminal. Tyro terminals connect directly to your network – with no costly phone line needed. Tyro is compatible with all versions of Windows. Front Desk is the first practice management software to be certified to process Health Fund claims using Tyro.

For more information, contact Tyro by clicking here.

Clinical Codes

A clinical code, as required by some health funds for certain health professional services, can be recorded against billed items in addition to the item code.


Save time when processing EFTPOS transactions with our software integration to your HICAPS terminal.

Future Billings

Future Billings can be used by practices that wish to bill items at a future date. This can be helpful when negotiating payments over time with patients for high value services such as Orthodontics or other progressive treatment plans.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations functionality allows you to run Front Desk® 2018 at two or more locations concurrently over a WAN (Wide Area Network), cloud based database or virtual desktops/servers.

Integrated Word Processor

An integrated full Word Processor can be used for your letter writing requirements as well as the creation of Standard Letters and Mail Merges without requiring the purchase of additional software. The Front Desk® word processor also includes an extensive medical dictionary so that your medical terms will not be highlighted as misspelt words.

Group Appointments

Group Appointments can be used to book group sessions, classes, families or any other situation where the user would like to add multiple patients to one appointment.

Patient Events

Patient Events are used to record specific events, activities or general notes in a patient file, such as having an x-ray or sending a letter. When sending Emails and SMS messages these are automatically stored in the patient’s Events tab.

Patient Contacts

Patient Contacts allows you to store one or more contacts per patient file. This functionality allows you the flexibility to setup any contact and relationship to the patient as required. These details can be included in letter templates, mail and email merges as well as having the ability to store contact specific notes and file attachments.

Patient Photos

Patient Photos allows you to take and display a picture of the patient on the General tab for identification purposes. Photos are also displayed in some areas of the Appointment Book.

Patient X-Rays

Patient x-rays functionality allows you to import and view digital x-rays/photos in the patient file.

SMS and Email

Customised messages can be sent directly to patient mobile phones or their email address using the SMS and Email Integration. Patient replies for SMS appointment reminders are viewable directly in the Front Desk® appointment book.


Quotations can be used to provide a quotation for a particular treatment or product. Quotations can then be converted to invoices if accepted by the client.

Stock Control

The integrated stock control keeps track of stock levels and details of suppliers and stock.

Front Desk® Office Messenger

Front Desk® Office Messenger is an inter-office messaging system which can be used to send messages between users within your office. For example “Your next patient has arrived”.

WebPlus Appointment Book

WebPlus Appointment Book allows users to make and edit appointments using a standard web browser. The WebPlus Appointment Book can also be viewed on PDA phones such as compatible Blackberry and iPhone devices.

Scanning Integration

Scanner integration to allow the direct scanning of documents into Front Desk®.

Free Call 1800

Free Call 1800 support phone number (within Australia)